Risk Management

Our risk management programs are designed to minimize your workers compensation claims by helping you to create a safer workplace and return your employee to work more quickly if an injury occurs. The result: better control of costs along with improving morale and reducing employee turnover.

Work with leading providers

SBRUS2 maintains fully insured programs with one of the leading property and casualty companies. Under our pay as you go policy, there are no deposits prepayments, or audits. The result is a stable and predictable cash flow.

Benefit from our preventive approach

Our ability to reduce the number of (and total cost of) workers’ compensation claims arise in part from our expert, on site surveys and training programs aimed at eliminating safety hazards before they lead to injuries.

Enjoy care and attentive injury management

If an accident does occur, we employ a proven injury management system to assist you and your employee. Our injury management expert will:

  • Ensure that an injured worker receives timely, appropriate medical treatment.
  • Intervene early to help an employee return to work as quickly as possible.
  • Direct the injured worker to SBRUS2 approved rehabilitation clinics for the best available care.
  • Investigate each accident to reduce the potential for hazards in the future.
  • Conduct follow up investigations to monitor treatment.
  • Monitor claims handling, cost reserves, and treatment reviews.

SBRUS2 expertise in risk management helps you provide a safer work environment.